Thursday, April 10, 2008

The goat girls.

So, if you read the random facts about me, you'll see I own pygmy fainting goats. Here is a picture of my girls, Molly and Mable. Don't ask me which is Molly and which is Mable. They are twins and I can't tell the apart. This picture was taken a couple years ago on the farm in Michigan.

Now they are both pregnant and due any time. They are both a fat as can be.


Annapurna said...

I tell my husband we need to get goats so we don't need to mow the lawn :-)

Did you get my PIF yet? Hope you liked it. Let me know. Thanks.

Heather said...

Oh how cute they are! Be sure to tell us when they give birth!

LeAnne said...

How cute! I have heard of these they REALLY faint? We never had goats growing up, only cows & chickens!